About Me

I’ve been intrigued by art my whole life & I was very young when I realized it was my passion. Ever since I was a little kid, I always had a pencil & paper in hand. I’d mostly draw my action figures or toys & kept trying to challenge myself with drawing different objects as I got older, but I was always drawing or playing video games. I graduated from Pittsburg High School & started to pursue my art passion by attending the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. I was a student there for a bit, but it never really satisfied my thought of where I wanted my future to go — so my sister told me I can be an apprentice at her tattoo shop back in 2007. I stopped going to art school & became an apprentice for a year. I was officially a tattoo artist in 2008. My first tattoo was so nerve racking but the feeling I had while I was tattooing was nothing short of adrenaline. After that first tattoo, I knew that this was it. Being a tattoo artist is what I want to do with my life & I thank my sister & family for supporting my decision to pursue this dream. Years go by & after thousands of tattoos, I am settled at Hard Luck Tattoo in Lodi, CA. I have steady clientele & I’m very appreciative of new comers who were referred to me by my clients & humbled to know how happy each tattoo makes them. Thank you to everyone who has trusted me & allowed me to share my thoughts & ideas with them not only on paper, but on their skin as well. You are all part of the reason my family & I have a roof over our heads & food on our plates. So again, thank you for giving me the chance to meet all of you wonderful people & thank you for continuing to come back. -JS